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Rough guide to prices on general switchboard upgrades:

There are many variables to consider when upgrading domestic switchboards, which include some of the following:

S/B Location, mains cable sizes, number of circuits, if main earth is required, meter board backing etc.


Standard Switchboard Upgrade

This doesn’t include new mains, new earth stake, replacement of backing board or new switchboard location.

Standard Switchboard Includes: Individual safety switches on all power/light circuits. CB= Circuit Breaker RCD= Residual Current Device A= Amps


12 Pole switchboard

Isolation link

New meter wiring

1x 63A / 80A main switch

1x 10 A RCD / CB for Light circuit

3x 20 A RCD / CB for power circuits

1x 32A CB for stove circuit

1x 20A CB for hot water circuit  

1x 20A CB for air con circuit  


Includes all electrical safety tests on household at completion of work to ensure house hold is electrically safe.

Estimated prices for switchboard upgrades are between                                 $1100- $1400

Estimates for switchboard extras:

Backing board replaced from chipboard to fire resistant backing board       + $350                            

Extra circuits RCDs  (Power or Light circuits)                                                       + $55 per circuit                                

Extra circuits CBs (A/C / hot plates / hot waters circuits etc.)                          + $25 per circuit

Meter board moved to front/side of house. Average price is between            $1400 - $1800    


All prices are estimates only.

All switchboards to be individually inspected for a more accurate quote.


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